A 10-Week Eating Disorder Recovery Group for Queer & Trans Folks

support, accountability, & community in a queer-centered, POC-friendly space


You’ve worked hard to heal from your eating disorder,

but find yourself still struggling with old thoughts or patterns. You can see how much progress you’ve made, yet there are still places you feel so stuck. It’s hard to imagine feeling truly free in your relationship to food and body.

Queerly Embodied centers queer & trans experiences of healing from eating disorders, including:

  • the stigma of eating disorders in feminist and radical communities

  • food issues that arise as coping strategies for marginalization and oppression

  • gender policing and resulting struggles with body image

Queerly Embodied might be right for you if you’re:

  • Queer and/or trans identified;
  • Recovering from an eating disorder or disordered eating;
  • Ready to work on healing your relationship with food and your body;
  • Currently working with an individual therapist, but
  • Wishing for extra support and community in your recovery process;
  • Able to commit to weekly meetings for 10 weeks.

This 10-week therapeutic support group will provide:

  • An intersectional feminist approach to eating disorder recovery;
  • Attention to the unique complexities of healing from eating disorders for queer and trans folks;
  • Accountability to your recovery goals;
  • Weekly emotional and practical support from peers and group facilitators;
  • Opportunities to share your experiences with other QT folks.




2991 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705
(4 blocks from Ashby BART)


Tuesday evenings, 7-8:30pm, for 10 weeks


$80 per meeting


Limited to 8

Ready to Claim Your Place?

To learn more and apply, contact Jennifer Vera, LMFT, at verapsychotherapy@gmail.com or (510) 495-4462.