Individual Psychotherapy

Therapy offers a consistent, confidential space each week to understand your frustrations, worries, fears, and wishes. You may come in knowing exactly what's going wrong and what you want to achieve. Or maybe it's not totally clear what's bringing you to seek counseling; it's just obvious that something's not working. That's also a fine place to start. You don't need to have it all figured out before you get here! I'll help you find out what needs attention and we'll prioritize your goals together.

We'll meet once or twice a week, one-on-one, for 50-minute sessions. 

I practice psychotherapy in an open-ended way, so we'll keep meeting for as long as we need to and as long as it feels helpful to you. Some people want to get in and out with a solution to a specific problem, but others find that as the therapy unfolds, they discover whole new layers of potential growth, and make previously undreamed-of changes to their lives. 

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