Sex-Positive Psychotherapy

Sex can be an especially vulnerable topic to discuss with a therapist, especially when our sex-negative dominant culture is filled with taboos against non-mainstream forms of sexual expression. As a sex-positive, gender-affirming psychotherapist to heterosexual, queer, lesbian, gay, questioning, pansexual, asexual, transgender, genderqueer, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, and intersex individuals, I provide a compassionate, nonjudgmental space to explore the feelings, practices, identities, and questions that can arise around sex and intimacy. Sexual outsiders and members of altsex communities are especially welcome.

Exploring Sexual Fantasies, Desires, and Shame

Sexual fantasies can sometimes feel confusing and shameful when they fall outside of the dominant culture's narrow ideas about what sex should look like or our own established ideas of who we are. You may be struggling with an attraction to someone you aren't "supposed" to be attracted to, or find yourself repeatedly imagining a particular erotic act that seems "wrong." Maybe you're faced with an urge to categorize or recategorize your desires: "Does this mean I'm _____?" Such questions can easily spiral into deeper shame, isolation, and paralysis. Psychotherapy can help create a safe space to be curious about these feelings without needing to label, dismiss, or "cure" them. 

Polyamory-Friendly Therapy

As a poly-friendly therapist, I work with people who engage in or are curious about nonmonogamous, polyamorous, and other alternative relationship configurations. My focus is on helping you to explore your needs and desires in the context of your intimate relationships. When relationship difficulties are at the forefront, psychotherapy often includes strengthening communication skills, identifying and respecting personal boundaries, and navigating the challenging feelings of jealousy, fear, and shame that all relationships can awaken. 

BDSM- & Kink-Friendly Therapy

As a kink-friendly psychotherapist, I support the vast and fluid range of ways that we as human beings find pleasure, stimulation, and erotic fulfillment alone and with others. My approach is curious, open-minded, and grounded in principles of respect, autonomy, and consent.

Maybe kink be an established and comfortable part of your life, or maybe it's a source of some distress for you for any number of reasons, internalized stigma being a common one. If you're experiencing some discomfort or concern about how kink fits into your life, psychotherapy can provide a space to discern what is and isn't working for you, with the goal of helping you to feel safe, empowered, and able to follow your desire.