Spiritual Empowerment

Reconnecting with your body, your intuition, and a deep sense of purpose is absolutely possible.

And it can change your life.

I help seekers, radicals, and lapsed idealists reclaim their connection to their deep selves in the name of changing the world.

Using somatic exercises, guided meditations, and whatever tools and practices you already use or are curious about exploring, we’ll get to know your unique path inward to your sense of intuition and connection. Whatever your spiritual or religious background, together we’ll help you to rediscover your path to your inner refuge of power, purpose, and peace.

What does spiritual empowerment mean? I think of it as finding your own path toward connection with something greater than yourself. That could mean:

  • developing a meditation/prayer practice,
  • creating personal rituals,
  • getting intimate with a deck of tarot cards,
  • joining a spiritual community,
  • studying with a teacher, or
  • reconnecting with the religious and spiritual traditions of your family.

Sometimes that something larger than ourselves is a political movement, an ethical stance, or a vision for the world. While we don’t always think of these as spiritual, I believe they operate similarly within us.

However it shows up, spiritual empowerment becomes a beacon guiding us through hardship, self-doubt, and pain. It gives meaning to the day-to-day struggles we each endure.

Are you ready to reconnect to a greater sense of purpose and meaning?