Individual Psychotherapy in Oakland and Berkeley

You’ve been holding things together for so long.

You’re the superhero for your family, your friends, your partner, your coworkers.

But you’re.



You know there's more to life than this:

  • this minute-to-minute schedule,

  • this endless to-do list,

  • this constant assault of oppression and erasure,

  • this grim march toward a “success” that's never quite in reach.


You know because you’ve tasted it, in sweet, transcendental moments:

a place inside you that feels like home.

How do you get back there from the slog of the everyday? How do you find the path back to that place where you felt alive, connected, and completely yourself? 

The good news: You’ve seen it. Breathed it in. That feeling is in your bones now, a compass waiting to guide you back.  

Let’s get you there. >>

Gwyn Fallbrooke, Oakland Psychotherapy for LGBTQ, queer, trans, gay, lesbian, and nonbinary clients

Hi! I'm Gwyn.

I’m a therapist, teacher, healer, and intuitive. I build bridges between people and Spirit—however you’d like to define that.

Most of my clients have operated at 110% their whole lives, busting through the glass ceilings of their marginalized identities, relentlessly driven to be good and do good.

Yet they feel a mismatch between their daily lives and their desire for deeper meaning.

I help them cut through the bullshit of internal tapes and external expectations to find their way to an authentic sense of purpose that's aligned with their political and spiritual values.

I’d love to help you, too.

Learn more about me. >>